About Set-Up

Created by an artist for artists. 

We believe in collaboration

Back in the day when my Dad first started working for himself,  we all used to sit as a family in the garage (which was often freezing cold!) and work together to make jewellery (namely all that lovely '80's stuff!). Whether you were the one counting, snipping the excess plastic off, threading the beads, or tying off, the amount of concentration and passion for making it to a high standard, was the same. I learnt from a young age about what, and how important, an efficient process is, and how by working together (and making it fun)  you can help each other reach your goals (thanks Dad!). 

No surprise then that it was down to one of our father, daughter conversations that lead to the SET-UP products coming to life. The drive behind their inception being  to help other artists and creatives work more efficiently.

Our success is your success!

Times have moved on and the business is no longer in the garage. The factory is a lot bigger, and we are no longer needed to help out on the line, or work a machine. The innovative spirit, the passion for creating, and love for family though, is still there.

We really hope that you love the product as much as we do, but you know what, we are also open to your thoughts and ideas too. Need something different? just let us know. We will certainly take a look, and see what we can do!

Our products are your products!


Jane Richardson

Makeup Artist & Co Creator of SET-UP