The Classic Palette

Sectioned, transparent palettes for convenient storage. Designed for nail technicians, hairstylists, stylists, makers, artisans, and artists for in the kit, in the work room, or on set. The welled design allows you to easily store smaller items and quickly locate what you need. 


  • Compact, with individual wells of your choosing. Easily holds creams, eyeshadow pans, lipstick swatches, loose powder, blush, diamantes, pins or anything else that you want!
  • Transparent palette allows you to easily see, and select what you need. Convenient, time-saving, and hygenic.
  • Will store small craft items without risk of them moving into another well
  • Versatile. Re-use time and time again with any variation you choose.
  • Size: box approx 182.7mm X 96.9mm (depth 19.4 mm). Well approx 42.3mm X 40.3mm
  • Sturdy. Durable.
  • Stackable

The Classic

6 Wells


The Classic Plus

8 Wells

The Classic Max

10 Wells